Sofema accompanies an African State in strengthening its Air Force

Sofema was chosen by a West African State to support the development of its Air Force aimed for the surveillance of its territory and borders. Sofema provided the country with four Embraer Tucano - renovated and armed to the client’s specifications. This project ran over a two-year period, and was coupled with the creation by Sofema of an on-site flying school, designed to train the future pilots of the supplied crafts.

Delivering a ‘value-for-money’ solution to its customer, Sofema went beyond all specifications by providing:

  • Totally reliable equipment at a reasonable price

  • Completely customised equipment and weaponry

  • Training delivered locally by experienced professionals

  • Flight simulator set up on site



Sofema provides a complete fleet of TRF-1 guns and delivers user-training for engineers as well as gunners

Sofema knows how to respond to the highly specific needs of a sub-Saharan African State’s army - by providing six 155 TRF-1 guns and TRM 10,000 tractor trucks and environmental equipment. 
Before delivery, the entire order was renovated and customised in the Sofema workshops, which provided several months of training to the new owner’s Equipment Maintenance Teams. Locally, Sofema experts organised gunner training for operations use of these artillery platforms.

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