To support your development and open new doors for your business,
anywhere in the world, is our priority.

The International Sofema Advisory department aims to assist industrial groups in their international development and secure privileged access to export markets worldwide.

International Advisory Mission

  • Accompanying businesses in their search for opportunities worldwide. India, among other countries, is a reference country for Sofema which has over 50 years presence and completed projects in every sector - defense, energy, infrastructure, environment...

  • Supporting industry in Asia, Russia, Latin America, through supplying unique access to European markets.
    For example, the Baltic countries - members of the European Union - have potential that is often unrecognized outside Europe.

  • Promoting transcontinental exchanges between non-European companies. Sofema has recently favored just such an important partnership between a Middle East company and a Russian industrial group.

Unique market advantages available for your export projects

Five areas of military and civil excellence:


  • Defense and security: Ministries of Defense and Interior, associated industries


  • Aerospace: satellites, airplanes, helicopters, associated equipment…

  • Energy: Oil, gas, nuclear and ‘renewables’…

  • Infrastructure: airports, railways…

  • Environment: meteorology, water and waste treatment...

A dense network of subsidiaries and correspondents embedded in each geographical area, known for their field experience and high-level contacts in the private and public sectors. 

This allows manufacturers to build confidently on a solid local basis. See our reference countries

An objective of long-term cooperation allows for the development of your export sales. Our clients operate in complementary economic sectors, and benefit from insider information, both on the target country's economic development and the export opportunities or implantation in their sector.

A practical approach, results-oriented, supported by a comprehensive set of services to meet every need: Read more


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