About us

Our team members come from military and civil engineering and parts supply backgrounds.

Key staff members have years of experience, both as managers in the industry and in the heading-up of Sofema.

Our unique and varied experiences collectively equip us with an implicit understanding of your priorities.

Here is an illustrative overview and part of our experts team:


JEAN-JACQUES BERNARDON - Head of Land Equipment Renovation

after a career of more than thirty years in the French Ministry of Defence, Jean-Jacques Bernardon joined Sofema in 2010 as commercial engineer specialising in the renovation of vehicles and land equipment.
He has been involved for the past nine years in the sales activities of the renovation department. As such, he has negotiated and obtained several contracts in Africa and in the Middle East. His technical knowledge and his understanding of military equipment usages, as well as his proactive sales approach, constitute for the company a real added value. Jean-Jacques is graduated from Ecole Militaire Interarmes, the French Army’s military school based in Coëtquidan.


After graduating from the Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, the French military academy in 2008, Christian Kamara began his career as an officer in specialised units where he acquired a solid international experience, mainly in Africa and in the Middle East.
After ten years in operations, and searching for new challenges, he joined Sofema in 2016 as Sales and Business Development Manager, with the aim of opening up new markets and contributing to the growth of the company in the terrestrial and aeronautical fields. In March 2020, he was appointed Head of Sales.


BENJAMIN d'ANDREA - Tyres Sales Manager 

Benjamin d'Andrea began his career in aeronautics as a Purchase Manager when he joined in 2010 an MRO maintenance center based in Paris-Le Bourget. He then integrated EMBRAER, the aircraft manufacturer, as Supplier Account Manager - Support "AOG".
He joined Sofema in 2016 where he has been responsible for various missions: purchase, sourcing and sale of aeronautical spare parts. In April 2020, Sofema gave him the responsibility to develop and promote the “Military Aircraft Pneumatics” activity, in collaboration with the various OEMs and customers. His experience in aeronautical support and maintenance allows him to have a global vision of the activity from supply to sale. Benjamin is graduated with a master’s degree in Economic Engineering.



ADRIEN GIORDANO - Purchasing Manager

After a Master in Supply Chain Management and a Master in International Purchasing, Adrien held several positions as a Purchasing Manager, Project in the Defence and Aeronautics sectors.
At Sofema, he is responsible for the purchasing process, from defining a need and sourcing it, to monitoring contracts and orders with suppliers. His knowledge of the suppliers environment in the defense sector enables him to support sales and technical teams, in the trading and land renovation activities.



JEAN-PIERRE GREFFE - Storage & Production Site Manager

Jean-Pierre has spent most of his professional life in the French Air Force specialised in mechanics and logistics. He began in Nancy - ending up in Cazaux in 2010 as Head of the Operations and Logistics Division.
Between times, he spent two years in Tahiti and Tours and several shorter periods working in Africa and the former Yugoslavia.
He joined Sofema in early 2011 - serving as Deputy Head of Stock, Deputy Site Manager and becoming Site Manager in 2019.




His expertise has led to implementation, certification and improvement of the quality management system. He also manages the CSR approach and leads Afaq 26000 assessment. Before joining Sofema in 2009, Hans Claude worked during six years as Consultair’s Quality Manager where he established the quality management system and managed the dual ISO 9001 and EN 9120 certification.
Hans Claude holds a postgraduate degree in Economic Development from the Pantheon-Sorbonne Paris I University and in Quality Management from the Claude Bernard Lyon I University. He is ISO 9001 Certified Lead Auditor and EN 9100/9110/9120 Aeronautic-Space auditor.



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