Indicative list – not comprehensive



  • TRM 2000: 4-wheel drive vehicle, optimized for support mission in hazardous conditions
  • TRM 10000: 6-wheel drive vehicle, carrying 10 – 16 tons payload
  • Military engineering vehicles: The building of infrastructures is essential to operational armies. Fortification, construction and repair of roads, bridges etc. constitutes the day life of ‘combat engineers’
  • Bus: All-size buses for transportation of up to 70 people
  • Sewage truck
  • Jeep: All-terrain vehicles for up to 5 passengers / command-cars

Armoured vehicles

  • AML: light armoured vehicle, equipped with 60 or 90 mm guns - Sofema holds the AML brand & licence from Panhard
  • AMX: battle tank series
  • VBC 90: 6-wheel drive armored vehicle with a 90mm gun - used, for example, by the French gendarmerie
  • VAB: Armored personnel carrier - generally equipped with 12,7mm or 7,62 machine gun


  • TRF1 gun: Towed 155mm caliber gun produced by Nexter, designed to equip artillery regiments of infantry divisions and light armoured divisions
  • 20mm single-or twin-tube gun: Gun with small calibre, mounted or standalone device for air defense or shooting at light armoured vehicle
  • 80mm and 120mm mortars
  • 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns



  • Dassault Mirage III - V - 50 - F1 – 2000 combat aircraft: Known for their maneuverability in air combat, these Dassault-manufactured jets are in service with many air forces worldwide. Their versatility allows them to deliver for all types of combat missions - from interception to ground attack and tactical reconnaissance.
  • Dassault Alphajet - Embraer Tucano (training and ground attack aircraft): These two-seater aircrafts were produced in several hundred copies - equipping numerous air forces across the globe. Their maneuverability fitted the needs of the famous French aerobatic team Patrouille de France and the Brazilian Esquadrilha da Fumaça respectively.
  • Transport and cargo aircrafts: such as 212 & 235, Lockheed C130, etc.


  • Alouette III: With 1500 units created; this light French helicopter was delivered to 190 users in nearly 100 countries. Its versatility allows it to be used in tactical support to rescue missions both at sea and on mountain terrain.
  • Gazelle: Used for combat as well as support missions (support-protection, anti-tank, anti-air) – this helicopter today constitutes the principle combat helicopter used by several countries.
  • Puma and Super Puma: Medium transport helicopter - and its latest version (the Super Puma) - powered by two 4-blade turboprop. Can carry up to a 1,560kg payload to a range of 550 km.
  • MI 8: This versatile Russian helicopter was built in an edition of 12,000 units (including its latest version MI 17). Extremely robust, it can lift up to three tons of cargo and can be used in many ground attack missions
  • MI 17: The heavy transport version of the MI 8, this helicopter was manufactured in 12,000 units. It can carry up to 32 passengers or 4.5 tons of freight, with a range of 900 km.
  • MI 24: 2500 units in existence, this Russian attack helicopter has proven capabilities in combat and resistance to extreme conditions in many conflicts in recent years.


  • Patrol boats: Small tonnage vessels, powerful sea and light missile-equipped - designed to monitor coastal and sovereign maritime zones - can be fitted with different weapon systems
  • Coastguard vessels: Light vessels (about 40 to 50 tons) for close surveillance of coastal and fishing areas up to 20 nautical miles
  • Fast interceptor RIB
  • Harbour equipment: tug/push boats, fire fighting units, rescue units

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