Indicative list – not comprehensive


  • Multi-purpose (versatile): Containers / conventionally packaged goods carrier / cargo ship
  • Roll-on / Roll-off: Vessel with built-in ramp – permitting fast and easy embarkation (and debarkation) of vehicles being transported on wheels
  • Off-shore ship: Ships that are specially-equipped for all deliveries to deep-sea oil rigs
  • Tug boat: Strongly-built, powerful boat used for towing and pushing ships into harbour or inland waterways, or specifically equipped for high seas rescue
  • Push tug: Pushing (rather than towing) barges and pontoons; push tug boats are perfectly suited for river operations (diminishing operation costs)
  • Coast Guard: Specially-equipped vessels for activity (patrols etc) against illegal trafficking
  • Big rubber dinghy: Powerful motorised rubber boats for fast intervention


  • Tractor and semi-trailer: For all kinds of road transportation up to 40 tons and more
  • Self-propelled crane: Transportable crane for all kinds of worksites (functioning independent of local energy sources)
  • Water tank truck: Truck with the capacity of delivering water anytime, anywhere… Vital for populations and agriculture following natural disasters
  • Cleaning-out truck: Truck for cleaning of roads and railroad ditches
  • Backhoe loader: Self-propelled engines loading heavy charges for mining or building sites to blocked ways
  • Bus: Vehicle for transportation of up to 70 people
  • Pontoon: Floating bridges to cross waters and for shipping and landing of goods


  • Medium- and short-range Turbo prop aircrafts  ATR series: 42-300 / 42-500 / 72-200 / 72-500: 4-blade Hamilton Standard or 6-blade Ratier-Figeac propellers, efficient and low fuel consumption, optimising aircraft value
  • 50 – 110 passengers jetliners: Embraer ERJ 135 – 140 – 145
  • Embraer 170 – 175 190 195
  • Business jets: Dassault Falcon 200 - 50 - 900


Helicopters are the most versatile of all aircrafts – with multiple civil uses including:

  • Medical services
  • Utility (fire fighting, load lifting, offshore, powerline check…)
  • Corporate

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