About us

Visionary leadership and international resources keep you – and us - ahead of the competition.

Sofema is an industry leader in the specialist field of land, sea and air product-sourcing and support for military needs primarily.

Sofema gives you the opportunity to form a meaningful partnership with your equipment and parts supplier.

We offer…

  • A substantial stock inventory stored within our warehouses
  • Sourcing capabilities that maximise availability
  • A supply chain capable of serving the most complex orders to clients all over the world
  • Competitively priced parts and equipment
  • A complete knowledge of markets and a network that adapts to your needs 

As a key provider of ‘factory-new’ parts and equipment, overhaul and repair, aftermarket and technical support of existing military and civil systems, Sofema’s capabilities continue to expand.

Sofema is continually striving to develop standards of quality and we have implemented a structured quality control program designed to create the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness in the business.

Whatever your requirements or budget, Sofema has a proven track record in the prompt and cost-effective supply of high-quality products and services to a range of international clients.

Our long-standing support of clients across the globe has allowed us to have a presence principally in Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and South America.

Sofema’s management has extensive worldwide contracting experience - backed by a dedicated team operating in a well-structured and professional business environment.

Sofema - your partner in military and civil projects