Sofema holds the largest inventory of Mirage III, V, 50 parts 

A State with a very significant fleet of Mirage IIIs has consistently and over a period of several years called upon Sofema to provide spare parts - enabling the country to maintain its aircraft in optimum operational condition.

The service quality provided by Sofema - as well as that of the proposed parts themselves - ensures client confidence and in this case includes a ‘rate running contract’ (guaranteeing a steady supply of parts), in parallel to classic calls for tender.

Sofema holds a particularly wide range of parts for Mirage IIIs - both for airframes and engines. Stored in its 8000sq metre facilities, these items were acquired through a targeted policy of stockpiling - providing a unique reactivity. This strategy is complemented by Sofema’s global sourcing network, allowing it to respond to any type of demand.

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